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OT & IoT Security Lifecycle

MicroHackers can help companies in the security development cycle of their devices, assesing and testing the software in each of the steps of the development cycle. There are four stages to the IoT product life cycle. These are Design, Deployment, ongoing Management, and Decommissioning and can be there with you.

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Cybersecurity Compliance

MicroHackers will hep your organization implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) adapt your organization to recognized standards such as ISO 27001 or the National Security Scheme (NSE).

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SCADA OT & IoT Security Audit

The IoT applied to the business world can be a great improvement in various business areas: security, inventory management, logistics, etc. The data obtained by the different devices will serve, among others things, to monitor assets, diagnose possible malfunctions or improve a certain process by making it more efficient.

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Web Application Pentesting

We do quality pentesting much faster and more cost-effective than the traditional approach. Our consultants accomplish this by combining their advanced technical skills and remote work, avoiding costly local office expenses.
Get an accurate global view of your web application security and practical recommendations for improving it.

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Ransomware Recovery

We can help you recover your data that has been affected by Ransomware with a few simples steps.It is very important to turn off the infected device immediately after detection so that it does not spread by re-encrypting or deleting information.