IoT Security Testing

IoT Security Testing

Find cyber security weaknesses in your IoT infrastructure

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In recent years the number of connected devices that exist has increased exponentially and this presents a significant increase in the surface area exposed to malicious actors, both for the company that manages them and for the users who use them on a daily basis.

To assess the security status of these technologies, IoT security testing attacks are created depending on the nature of the device and the data managed by it. By doing this type of security review, our clients obtain the following benefits:

  • Know potential problems in the device, including for example open debug ports, or vulnerabilities of the components of the embedded operating system that it runs.
  • Study of possible security failures in the data flow of the device, both in local connections through short-range networks, and in its subsequent processing in company servers, if any, as well as possible solutions both technically and of design.
  • Monitor the devices on the network to ensure that they are not compromised and to take automatic and immediate action if they are.
  • Analysis of the possible security implications derived from the architecture and technologies used by the IoT framework.

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