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Our difference

Why choose us between the miriads of companies?

Our Company

MicroHackers was born with the ambition of creating an innovative IoT and Cybersecurity company that wants to change the way businesses think about connected devices. With a focus on security and AI technologies , MicroHackers offers high quality services to customers in a variety of industries.

The fourth industrial revolution is here so as the number of connected devices continues to grow, so does the risk of cyber attacks. MicroHackers understands this and helps companies building and maintaining their products and services with robust security measures in place.

Digital enablement and the enormous increase in IoT devices that we are experiencing these years is something very powerful that connects us all and allows to live our lives in a more comfortable way. The industrial IoT devices provide much information for its owners, however, this entails security risks that we must mitigate, and we must avoid as much as possible that IoT devices become a problem instead of making our lives easier. We firmly believe in our mission of a more connected, how and safe world and we will do everything possible to achieve it.

MicroHackers was founded by one of the first ethical hackers in Spain, and his more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity business, working with the biggest companies in the world, helps MicroHackers delivering the quality and excellence that our customers deserve.

You can read his misson for creating MicroHackers, in the our blogpost here.

Our Values

Think Beyond

We are eager to think and act beyond the limits. Rather than accept the status quo, we are determined to remain agile, keep evolving and never stop exceeding expectations. We are forward thinkers and we set ambitious goals. We realize that the only way to achieve them is by being innovative, creative and bold.


Lead as Experts

We strive to be the masters of our domains and maintain the highest standards of professionalism. We invest in learning and developing on an ongoing basis.
We encourage autonomy, share honest feedback and use that feedback to improve ourselves.

Deliver Results

We are driven to get things done, get them done well and get them done in time. Our success depends on delivering value and offering a solution in a simple eficient and reliable way. We are passionate about the satisfaction of each and every customer. This drives the company’s mission and guides our corporate culture and core value.

Win as a Team

It’s all about the people, our peers, customers and partners. We achieve our goals through collaboration and alignment. We support eah other, we learn from our differences and we understand that camaraderie is a key part of our collective success.
We cherish recognition, empowerment and treat each other with the utmost respect.

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