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We offer high quality cybersecurity services to have your business prepared for the Internet

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Online Reputation Takedown

Is your company being targeted by cybercrime impersonation attacks? The Online Reputation TakeDown service covers the take down of malicious actions relating to your brand to protect your users and your company.

Cybersecurity Compliance
Web Application Pentesting

Web Application Pentesting

Build trust in your business’s security with a complete web application ethical hacking penetration testing. Our web security experts will help yout in the whole process.

CyberSecurity Training

We offer specialized courses in cyber security, secure development, and ethical hacking. Please get in touch with us as we can tailor the trainigs to fit your organization needs.

Cyber Security Training
Ransomware Recovery

Attacks & Ransomware Recovery

Has your company been attacked? Are your important files ciphered and you can’t access them? Get in touch with us and we will analize your case and provide a solution for it.

IoT Pentesting Services

MicroHackers help companies pentesting their Internet of Things (IoT) devices, assesing and testing the software in each of the steps of the development cycle.

IoT Cybersecurity Lifecycle

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