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What is the Digital Kit?

kit digital

It is an aid program offered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to finance the digital transformation costs of the self-employed and small and medium-sized companies throughout the national territory. In an increasingly computerized context, the digitization of business is essential to take advantage of all its advantages. Elements such as the increase in online visibility, the strengthening of customer loyalty or the improvement in the optimization of resources are just some of the most immediate consequences of the digitization process of a business.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the discipline that consists of protecting systems and confidential information against digital attacks. Cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats to network systems and applications that originate from both external and internal attackers to an organization.

Your oldest server is your weak link

Microsoft server is your weak link

It’s time to inventory your network to identify systems to replace or migrate away from.

Maybe your future IT plans probably include testing and planning on Windows 10 and Windows 11 deployments. Your desktop deployments are relatively under control, but where are your server deployments?There are planty of evidence that recent desktop Windows updates are interacting with older unpatched platforms and causing undue hardship. Your oldest Microsoft server can be the weak link of your network

Flaw allows embed malware into code

Nicholas Boucher and Ross Anderson, Cambridge University researchers, have discovered a new class of vulnerabilities that can be used by malicious actors to integrate visually deceptive malware directly into the source code of applications.

The technique, called “Trojan Source,” is a way to inject malware that is virtually invisible to human reviewers. To achieve this, a hacker would need to exploit certain subtleties in text encoding standards like Unicode to exploit target systems.

How to Create Easy Secure Passwords

The other day, when signing into a new site, I came across the tedious act of creating a new password. Despite using a password manager and having random passwords on my favorite sites, for other websites where I do not access where I have the password manager installed, I prefer to create passwords that are easy to memorize, but difficult to guess using brute force techniques.

“Please create an 8 character password with uppercase lowercase numbers and special characters” but … how am I going to memorize this? I’m on my mobile phone, where do I keep it? Are users really forced to suffer the tyranny of password creation? Where is the balance of usability vs security here? What is the point of still maintaining these kinds of password policies?