Innovating Cybersecurity: A Visionary Journey with MicroHackers’ Founder

Innovating Cybersecurity: A Visionary Journey with MicroHackers' Founder

Since I learned what a Hacker was in my childhood in the 80s, thanks to a computer magazine of the time, I became obsessed with the idea of reaching to be one of them.

When I managed to have a modem in my possession, I was able to consume all the information about hackers and hacking tools that I found in the different BBS available at the time, which I could access calling by phone.

On my first foray into the Internet in the mid-90s, the first word I looked up in the search engine at the time was “hacking.” I didn’t stop consuming articles about hackers and security vulnerabilities until I became part of one of the first hacking groups in Spain called !Hispahack

Years later, in the year 2001, I started working as an “ethical hacker” or White Hat Hacker in one of the first computer security companies in Spain, such as S21SEC.

oscar calvo

Since then I have not stopped working in the field of cybersecurity. After more than 20 years of professional work in the sector, experiencing its birth until its current expansion, I have decided to take the step and create MicroHackers, a cybersecurity company that offers cybersecurity services and products focused on IoT. Thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, there will be more and more devices connected to the Internet and we want to help make them as secure as possible. With this comes the need to monitor the security of this ecosystem of devices, which can violate our privacy in multiple ways. This is one of the main problems we are currently facing and it will only get worse.

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Taking advantage of all the experience acquired from the birth of cybersecurity to its consolidation, after more than two decades working with the largest and most important companies in the world in this field, we offer consulting and auditing of cybersecurity of systems and web applications.

From Microhackers we want to thank you for your vote of confidence. The support of customers like you in continuing to trust us helps us to know that our constant improvement makes us help an increasingly secure cyberspace.